Diabetic Foot Care


Diabetics can present with unique issues such as chronic wounds as well as severe deformity of the foot call Charcot Arthropathy. Charcot is a condition, typically in the poorly controlled diabetic, of the foot and/or ankle in which severe deformity can develop. The bones can fracture and collapse without any pain experienced by the patient. Later this can develop into severe deformity, increased pressure, and severe wounds with risk of loosing the limb through amputation.

When severe deformity has occured we offer local wound care, and conservative therapies to manage the deformities. When conservative management is not sufficient, advanced surgical intervention may be warrented involving limb reconstruction to restore proper structure to the foot and ankle.

It is important for diabetics to examine feet daily and they should be seen by a podiatrist regularly. Diabetic patients who notice a change in the structure of there foot, notice sudden swelling, a joint becomes hot or red should see there podiatrist as soon as possible. Many times Deformity can be prevented if charcot is diagnosed early enough and proper intervention is undertaken.

Wounds that develop can be managed with advanced wound care techniques, hyperbaric oxygen medicine and advanced biologics/medications. At times it may be necessary to have a multispecialty approach to heal wounds as well as surgical intervention.

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