Athlete’s Foot


Athletes foot or Tinea Pedis is a contagious condition caused most often by a fungal infection. The most common organism is Trichophyton rubrum. Athletes foot is spread in public areas that are wet or moist such as shower tubs, swimming pools, locker rooms, sharing towels etc. Shoes are the perfect environment for fungus to grow and can be a source for reinfection.


Peeling, itching, scalling, blistering, burning can all be symptoms of athletes foot. If left untreated symptoms can worsen and lead to fissuring or wounds and lead to serious infection. Athletes foot can also spread to the nails causing toenail fungus or Onychomycosis.


Prevention of Athletes foot involves keeping feet dry and wearing sandles in pubic areas such as locker rooms and swimming pools. Rotating which shoes you wear each day will prevent growth and odor with the shoes.


Treatment involves keeping the feet dry, topical medication and in severe cases or cases that have failed topical an oral medication may be prescribed. Preventing reinfection is also important.

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