Bunions are a progressive deformity around the base of the big toe called the metatarsal phalengeal joint or MTP joint. There can be a large bump with the big toe angled toward the lesser toes. As the deformity progress it can cas deformity of adjacent toes. There can be pain with movement as well as stiffness at the big toe joint. Associated bursitis, inflammation of a fluid filled sack and redness may be seen. When this is seen on the outside of the foot by the small toe it is calleda tailors bunion.


Pain, redness, stiffness, difficulty fitting into shoe gear and deformity of the foot are seen with a bunion


Conservatice treatemnt consists of:

  • Orthotics to prevent progression of deformity
  • padding to prevent irritation
  • change in shoe gear. This includes avoiding high heels
  • ice packs and anti-inflammatory for pain
  • Surgical treatment
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