Corns & Calluses


The cause of corns and calluses is friction, rubbing, pressure or irritation due to deformities, shoe gear, and/or bony prominences. The body respons by increased production of skin cells and the skin becomes thick and hard. When present on the bottom of the foot it is typically referredto as a callus and when on the top of the foot a corn.


Pain and redness can be seen at a corn or callus. Swelling or bursitis, inflammation of fluid sack, can also be associated. If due to repetive trauma blood may be seen within the callus and a wound can develop in some patients.


  • Cushioning or padding
  • Shaving of callus, should be done by a professional especially in those with diabetes, poor circulation, vision problems, elderly
  • Creams and lotions may help to keep the corn/callus soft and slow the reoccurence
  • Corn and Callus removers that contain acid should be used with caution and avoided in certain individuals such as diabetics
  • Surgery to correct underlying deformity
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