Diabetic Foot


Diabetes type I is an impairment of the pancreas to prodcue the necessary insulin for the body. Diabetes type 2, 90-95% of all diabetes cases, is a resistence of the body to insulin produced by the pancreas. Type 2 is often associated with obesity. In both types of diabetes, nerves, circulation, kidneys, immune system, and eyes may become impaired. It is important for those with diabetes to see there medical doctor regularly including specialists such as their eye doctor and podiatrist

Regular foot exams by a podiatrist are important for those with diabetes to ensure feet are healthy and to address any problems. Checking your feet daily is important for everyone and more so for diabetics. This includes looking at the bottom and in between the toes of both feet. You should contact your podiatrist and schedule an appointment as soon as possible if there are any problems such as:

  • Rendness
  • Pain/Swelling
  • Open wounds/Bleeding
  • Increase in skin temperature
  • Dry cracked skin
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