Hallux Rigidus


This is a condition referring to the joint at the base of the big toe or metatarsal phalangeal joint (MTP joint) marked by limited motion. The cause can be due to trauma, repetitive stress, arthritic diseases, foot function and structure of the foot, among others. When motion is completely absent it is referred to hallux rigidus.


Pain with motion at the joint along with swelling and crepitus may be noted. A bump at the top of the joint can usually be visualized. The joint can feel as if it locks at times and running, walking up hill especially causes discomfort. Difficulty wearing certain shoe types can be experienced


  • Custom Orthotics can help to improve function and gait to reduce pain and prevent progression
  • Anti-inflammatories, injectable steroids
  • Injectable hyaluronan
  • Changes in shoegear
  • Surgery
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