Heel Pain


Heel pain is often a result of excessive stress on the soft tissue that attaches to the bottom of the heel bone and is called plantar fasciitis. Other causes may be injury to the bone itself, injury to surrounding nerves or tendons resulting in pain in the heel.


Wearing supportive shoes with cushioning in the heel, supportive heel counter, and a rigid sole may help in preventing heel pain. Stretching/warming up before exercise can also help to prevent common cuases of heel pain.


If pain in the heel continues a podiatrist can examine the area and may perform x-ray’s to determine the underlying cause. The use of prescription anti-inflammatories, injectable anti-inflammatories, strapping, tapping, shoe inserts may be implemeneted to treat the cause of heel pain.

Evaluation of shoe gear is made at the time of visit and recommendations will be made on proper shoe gear. Certain Exercises and stretches may be implemented.
Custom functional orthotics may be prescribed to correct deformities in the foot, control motion in the foot, and provide support.

Physical therapy, massage therapy, as well as acupuncture are also services available which may be implemented to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

Most cases of heel pain will resolve with conservative treatment. When conserative therapies fail surgery may be warrented which can involve releasing of the plantar fascia, removal of bursa, removal of nerve, and/or removal of bone spurs to treat the underlying cause of the pain. Your podiatrist will discuss the cause of the heel pain and proper treatment course.

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