High Arch Foot


High arch feet or, pes cavus, is a deviation from the “normal” structure of the foot in which the instep or arch is excessively high. The cause of high arched feet relate to structural deformites in the bone, joints and/or imbalance of tendons and muscles in the lower extremity. Other painful deformities can be associated with high arched feet such as bunions, hammer toes, neuromas, metatarsalgia, calluses, and tendonitis.

Custom functional orthotics may be used to manage and control the high arched foot in order to reduce pain. Particular physical therapy modalities may be beneficial in some cases of high arched feet. In some cases, especially the pediatric patient, neurological studies may be warrented to evaluate for underlying causes of the deformity.

Severe cases of pes cavus may warrent surgical correction when pain is persistent and does not respond to conservative treatments. Surgery involves addressing both soft tissue and bone deformity to create a foot that is in better aligment and free of pain.

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