Children of all ages are treated at VP foot and Ankle and require a specialist to evaluate any concerns about; abnormal development in the foot, in-toeing, out-toeing, flat feet, abnormalites or pain at growth plates, deformites in the foot and ankle, and cramping in the feet or leg. We also treat sports injuries of the foot and ankle in pateints of all ages.

Many problems in the pediatric and child patient can be treated and corrected before it becomes a life long impairment. Some conditions that present at birth or in infancy can require more intensive treatment when not addressed early enough, it is therefore important for the parent to have issues addressed as early as possible.

Parents should look for noticable abnormalities in the foot and ankle as well as: Pain with walking and running, abnormalities in gait, and difficulty keeping up with other children when playing. Walking barefoot for a child can be benficialy in appropriate circumstances as it will help to strengthen to muscles of the foot.

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