Tendonitis is inflammation of a tendon, which is typically a cord like structure which attaches a muscle to bone. Tendons are what help to create motion in the body including walking and running. When a tendon is overused or strained it becomes inflammed. Chronic inflammation and straining can cause the tendon to become thickened and weakened and even tear. It is important to adequitely rest after develop tendonitis. Runners and those who wear high heels are at a greater risk for developing tendonitis. Over the counter remedies typically include oral anti-inflammatory medication and salves such as icyhot.


Pain in the ankle and foot should be addressed early and your podiatrist will perform an examination and x-rays to determine cause and treatment. Tendonitis may be treated with prescription oral anti-inflammatories, immobilization, anti-inflammtory injectino, physical therapy, acupuncture, strapping/tapping and orthotics. Failure of conservative therapy may warrent advanced imaging such as MRI and surgical intervention.

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